Severe Changes - Perm Rod Cut Out and Head Shave - VOD Video on Demand Digital Download

This is a head shaving video with a story line. The client, played by Jee Lee, visits Carmen's Creative Hairstyling Salon for a perm. Just as Carmen hands Jee a towel to hold before she gets the perm solution ready, Jee notices her boyfriend, played by Landyn Banx, outside the salon's front window. She removes the cape and goes out to talk with him. Unfortunately, he hates curly hair and is furious that she would have her hair permed without telling him first. Upset, Jee goes back inside the shop. Upon Carmen asking what Jee would like do next, Jee tells her to cut all the hair off. Sadly, Carmen does, cutting off each perm rod, letting them fall to the floor. The stylist assistant, Kat, turns on the Peanut Wahl clippers and buzzes Jee's head. Kat lathers Jee's head with a brush and shaves her head smooth with a straight-edge razor. Jee leaves the shop, and goes home to surprise her boyfriend. His reaction? You'll have to watch to find out. Bonus footage of three interviews total with Jee before, during, and after the shoot are included. Also included are Carmen sweeping up all the hair and the cast goofing off in-between takes. Duration 56 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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