Escape (Weebly Theme)

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In the fall of 2015, Weebly Tricks released its first Weebly theme ever, Escape. While it wasn't a marvel, it did push boundaries for what a Weebly theme could do in terms of its design and features. Escape had sections before Weebly introduced the now popular "Sections" element and carried a design directly inspired by Google+. Unfortunately, as Weebly's UI evolved, Escape quickly became obsolete and would go away quietly, never to be heard from again.

Until now, 2018 -- Escape is back and she has been entirely rebuilt from the ground up. Not only is she now a rock solid contender for your website, but she's had some major improvements and feature upgrades, while maintaining her iconic look. From Weebly 4's customizable header and "Sections" element, to a choice of 5 animations for her logo, Escape is primed and ready for your site!
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