VACATION 18' LUTs 跟 17' LUTs 主要的不同是在暖色的飽和度,如果您希望你影片中的草地、樹木可以比較鮮豔,那比起 VACATION 17' LUTs 你更應該選的是 VACATION 18' LUTs. 
這是基於Sony Cine Picture Profiles(Cine4)製作的,但您可以在幾乎每個鏡頭(如佳能,iPhone,GoPro)上使用它。但您需要找到最適合搭配這個LUT的顏色檔拍攝,以Cine4來說是比較灰階的。

你會得到一個(.cube) LUT文件(VACATION 18'LUTs)

LUT可用於任何視頻編輯程序,如Premiere Pro(Lumetri Color)或Final Cut Pro X(需要另外安裝插件),我在Final Cut Pro X中是使用mLUT插件。



VACATION 18 'LUTs with 17'LUTs The main difference is in the warm saturation, if you want your film in the grass,the trees can be more vivid, that VACATION 17 'LUTs you should choose than VACATION 18' LUTs.

It’s based on Sony Cine Picture Profiles (Cine4) but you can use it on almost every footage (Like Canon, iPhone, GoPro). You need find the best color profile match on the 3D LUT.

You’ll get a (.cube) LUT files (VACATION 18' LUTs)

The LUT can be used in any video editing programs like Premiere Pro (Lumetri Color) or Final Cut Pro X. I used it in Final Cut Pro X with mLUT plugin .

Everyone has different preferences for the color, you still have to adjust through the plug-in to your favorite tones.

Love shooting and keep going!
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