Create a new web site of your choice with at least 5 pages Solution

Create a new web site of your choice with at least 5 pages. The web site must:

       Have JavaScript navigation with image rollovers. (Hint: Use arrays)

       Indicate where a page is within the site based on the JavaScript navigation.

       Include a form that prompts for and validates:

o    A date using a JavaScript pop-up calendar (jQuery can be used)

o    A password with a JavaScript password strength meter

o    A comments box that limits input to 500 characters with a running count of characters input

o    An email address

       Include a JavaScript driven photo gallery.

       A page that counts the number of times the page is viewed stored as a cookie.

       A page that prompts a user for their name using default JavaScript methods and displays the name entered.

The following items must be submitted:

       A zipped file containing the web site.

       Comments about your experience in building a web site using JavaScript and how that may help your career.
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