Stream Overlay | Virus V1 (PSD incl/ Channel Graphics)

Complete Livestream Overlay & Channel Graphics | Virus V1

Complete overlay set, modular, HQ twitch profile/channel graphics included, all 1920 overlay graphics and stream ready. Source files are beautifully organized and super easy to edit. This is a really killer complete start for any new channel or established streamer looking for a facelift.

Stream On!

Do I Need Special Software To Edit This?

You need Adobe Photoshop CC to edit this template, it’s very well organized and easy to navigate.

What Is Included In The Download?

These elements are included:

  • VIRUS - Logo Creator Tool (psd, png)

  • Channel Avatar (psd, png)

  • Stream – Overlay (psd, png)

  • Stream – Webcam Container (psd, png)

  • Stream – Game Replay Container

  • Stream – Chat Replay Container

  • Stream – Intermission (psd, png)

  • Stream – Begin/End Screen (psd, png)

  • Stream – Notice Panels (psd, png)

  • Stream – Information/News Bar (psd, png)

  • Stream – Cobalt Corner Tag (psd, png)

  • Twitch – Offline (psd, png)

  • Twitch – Banner (psd, png)

  • Twitch – Panels (psd, png) – 5 Premade!

  • Youtube – Streaming Notice (psd, png)

  • Help File (.txt)

Is It Easy To Edit The Files?

If you have a decent understanding of Photoshop you’ll be fine. It's super organized and each element has it's own PSD.

Are The Fonts & Images Included?

The fonts used are free and you can find download links in your help-file.
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