249 : Miss Barbie and the WV Beetle - gas to the max

Miss Barbie, wearing a grey coat, grey top, black skirt and black boots, is coming back from shopping. It’s a great winter day and the sun is shining, she just went shopping, so she feels very happy. She bought a pair of red high heels shoes, and she loves them!

She can’t wait to get home and try them, she wants to wear them now! So she put them on, and start pressing all the pedals to see if she can drive with those heels, but the more she tries, the harder it seems to drive with them! They are too high! But as she doesn’t want to wear those boots again, she decides to drive barefoot!

Every time she stops at a traffic signal and she has to wait for the light to turn green, she finds it a great possibility to do some revving!

So while waiting, she starts revving harder and harder the engine, because she is so excited for her shopping! She can’t wait to go home and use her new shoes! In this video there is a picture in picture of Miss Barbie driving while you get a great view of her feet pressing those pedals and rev the engine very hard! 

Will she destroy the engine before going home?
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