HUM 115 Week 2 GameScape Reflection

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 HUM 115 Week 2 GameScape Reflection

After completing this module, save to your computer. It will save as a PDF file. This is what you will submit in this section for credit.

This assignment will be graded using the following criteria:














































Assignment Item
Point Value
Part 1: Game Score 




Score of 1-12 = .5 points.


Score of 13-24 = 1 point


Score of 25-36 = 1.5 points


Score of 37-50 = 2 points


Based on the score earned during the completion of the game activities.
Part 2: Responses to Reflection Questions 


Reflection Question 1 (2 pts.)




Are you satisfied with the decisions you made over the years? If so, why? If not, what would you change? (Target word count: 100)



Reflection Question 2 (1 pt.)




Think about an important decision in your life where a social barrier (family, friends, teachers, or media) may have influenced your thinking. Describe what happened, and how you might have changed your thinking process to change the outcome. (Target word count: 50)


Address each of the questions thoughtfully, making sure to meet the word requirements. 


Total Points
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