BUS610 WK 1 Ethical Issues in OB

Grade 5.4/6


This was a good effort on your first assignment for BUS610! Organizational Behavior is an interesting course packed with lots of information and concepts. I encourage all students to be actively contributing, as you are, to make the most of your own learning experience but will contribute to your classmates as well. On your written assignment – this was fairly well done. I would offer a suggestion that in future weeks you be sure to support any opinions/comments you have on each assignment. By supporting your statements with references to the textbook, and/or outside sources of information, shows you can relate and apply the weekly objectives to the assignment. Please be sure to review correct APA formatting for:

·         Use in-text citations (more than once and correctly formatted); when directly quoting, you must provide the page number or paragraph number where information is found in the source you are citing.

·         Provide a correctly formatted reference page (separate page)

Thanks again, and I look forward to Week 2 where will be discussing Developing Global Managers, Social Perception, and Managing Diversity. If you have any questions, please let me know. Dr. Courts
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