SCI 275 Week 9 Gamescape Summary

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SCI 275 Week 9 Gamescape Summary

Resource: Gamescape
Episodes 5

Complete Episode
5: "Building a Positive Environmental Legacy" of Gamescape.

Answer the
following questions. Each response should be 1-3 sentences in length. 

  • Describe how you would balance
    the needs of Sparksville's environment and economy. Explain your

  • Based on your experience of 25
    years in Sparksville and this course , what do you consider to be the key
    principles required to reach sustainability?

  • How will you apply these
    principles to address the environmental issue you selected for the final

Include the Episode
Score Report that you generate once you complete the activities from Episode 5.
The report is generated in PDF format.

Click the
Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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