This Windows application

This Windows application

Purpose:        This Windows application will allow the user to select a destination and view the current travel special

Program Procedures:        From a window on the screen, the user should be able click a button and select a city to see the current travel specials..... 

Algorithms, Processing, and Conditions: 

1.         The user must be able to view choices for travel. Current choices are 5 cities.
2.         When the user chooses a city, the price for the travel special should appear.
3.         A picture should display representing the city and a webpage link correlating to the city.
4.         If the user chooses another city, the previous price, image, and link should clear.
5.         After selecting the travel location, the user should be able to book the flight. Once booked, the only allowable action is to exit the window.

Notes & Restrictions

The user should only be able to book one flight.

The pictures shown in the window should be selected from pictures available on the web. The links should point to the city’s tourism page.


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