Faith and the Muse - shoumei - DVD Soundtrack

Faith and the Muse released their 6th album : ankoku butoh : in November, 2009 and brought their extraordinary live show to the UK and Europe in the Fall of 2009, and then through North America in the Spring of 2010. Heralded as their best live show to date, the DVD to this soundtrack (available at captures the band in finest form, bringing the newest as well as classic songs of Faith and the Muse to life.
Never short on the theatrical, the tour featured taiko drums, a string quartet, the dance troupe Serpentine, and a ride through both the historical catalog and newer material. The performance on the DVD was recorded with multiple cameras and a full 24 track audio recording. The disc is full of extras including the official video for Sovereign, backstage footage, and more.

If you saw this tour, this is the memento that will continue to illuminate the feeling and experience of being there...
  1. Blessed
  2. Battle Hymn
  3. Cantus
  4. Bushido
  5. Nine Dragons
  6. Scars Flown Proud
  7. Sredni Vashtar
  8. The Burning Season
  9. In Dreams Of Mine
  10. Cernunnos
  11. Plague Dance
  12. Sovereign
  13. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
  14. Sparks

With Paul Mercer on violin (The Ghosts Project, formerly of The Changelings), Julia Cooke on taiko and percussion, Steven James on guitar/viola/percussion (Christ vs. Warhol/The Deadfly Ensemble, ex-All Gone Dead and Scarlet's Remains), Marzia Rangel on bass/cello/percussion (Christ vs. Warhol/The Deadfly Ensemble, ex-Scarlet's Remains), and featuring Aradia and Lucretia•Renee of the dance troupe Serpentine also on backing vocals.
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