USA - Salon Recruiting Brochure

This brochure can be used to share the SeneGence opportunity with Salons/Salon Owners. It outlines the benefits of offering these products in a salon and the benefits of building a team with tenants. It includes:

  • Information about LipSense

  • Information about SeneGence Products & SenePlex Complex

  • How to Sign Up

  • Benefits of being a Distributor as a Salon Owner

  • A space in the back for you to put a sticker with your information or write it in

This is a DOWNLOAD only. File will download as a PDF which can then be sent to a printer of your choice. Size of the PDF is standard 8.5" x 11" and is designed to be a tri-fold brochure.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing, please use your BUSINESS email address, as this will be printed at the bottom of each page of the brochure. If you share this download with others, your e-mail will be on it.

Disclaimer: This download was created in hopes that it assists you in promoting your direct sales business. The designer is in no way responsible for any issues that arise from the use of this downloaded item nor do they guarantee the accuracy of the claims and information in the material. Designer is also not responsible for any printing errors made when printing this product as this is a download only. This brochure was not created by SeneGence International. NO REFUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE.
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