Tons of ideas in this manual...It is a compendium of ideas and effects related somehow to the « Any card at any number » plot, commonly called ACAAN. Mr David BERGLAS was the first one to present this effect in the mid 70's.
Even though they are not all « perfect » ACAAN's, they are interesting and entertaining or original variants from an audience point of view.
Some are original, some are based on combinations of old principles, with some « twists » or new ideas.
Most are card tricks, some are not.
Some are impromptu or even improvised, some need some preparation.
Some are hands off, some need some (easy) sleight of hand.
Some are easy, some more difficult.
Some are comical, some are “serious”.
I am sure, you will find something that fits your style and skills, and get inspired by some of the methods or principles explained in this manual, to drink your own can!

- GUESS MY CARD (No cards used.The spectator guesses a thought card)
- FAIR ACAAN (casual and quick)
- SCAM ACAAN (an ACAAN with banknotes, with a surprise ending)
- FLASH AT CARNIVAL (find a thought card and give your business card in a minute)
- BLIND ACAAN (true ACAAN with business cards and a prop used in conventions)
- SMART ACAAN (true ACAAN, with 1 or 2 decks)
- THE SIMPLEST (?) ACAAN IN THE WORLD (practical, perfect for strolling and improvised.)
- ANTI -ACAAN (An ACAAN where the card is NOT found at the number!)
- ACAAN FOR COUPLES (nice for weddings, couples in general)
- ACAARTN (Any card at any random thought number)
- NEWSPAPER ACAAN (with a borrowed newspaper)
- ACAT (Any card at any time)
- TRUST ACAAN (a mental ACAAN)
- DARWIN CAN (based on elimination)
- AUSTRALIAN CAN (with the down-under deal)
- SENS UNIQUE (underused method for a chosen card at any number!)
- KEY CAN (A nice principle...)
- ACAASN (Any card at any spelt number)
- ANY CANDY AT ANY NUMBER (Not an ACAAN: a free will plot!)
- CALC'ACAAN (Any Card At Any Calculated Number)
- MAN (Mate card at Any number)
- LIL, ROSEmaRY and the JACK of HEARTS
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