Enrollment to February's 30-Day At Home Challenge

Enrollment to February's 30-Day At Home Challenge

Enrollment is $25 one time fee. That's less then a $1 a day! This will reserve your spot for the upcoming challenge. I will email the challenge to everyone who has enrolled near the end of the month. 
What’s Included in this challenge?:

— 50+ exercises molded into different routines for everyday of the week. You’ll have the flexibility of mix and matching the workouts and doing whichever one you prefer on any given day as long as your working out!

— Instructional photos for every exercise

— Glossary for all the terms

— Biweekly Check-Ins from me Via email 

— 24/7 Email Assistance 

— Access to my FB Support Group 

— Healthy Living/Recipe Ebook containing nutritional information, how to track your progress, how to track macros/read labels, healthy recipes on key meals/smoothies, 10 pre and 10 post workout meal ideas, tips on how to stay organized, example essential grocery list.
— 5 Mini Challenges
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