UCT #39 Lucy Loo 'Bookaholic' Realtime colouring tutorial.

This is colouring tutorial with digital stamp called Lucy Loo 'bookaholic'
You can check out the X8 speed video at https://youtu.be/0mLQKkm9dIs
I made this for passionated paper crafters and colourist whom wants to know how I coloured this image. I charge small amount for it, It will be a great help for me to keep going with my dream.

digital item is not refundable.

Clip size : 854X480
Duration : 48'57"
file type: mp4

Thank you so much!

TheEastWind Facebook Page : https://goo.gl/roMfrm
Bookaholic digital stamp at Etsy https://goo.gl/76thKp
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