yigaclan - presets and 3d gems

yigaclan - presets and 3d gems

You will need Sapphire, Element 3D, and Trapcode Particular in order to use some of these presets.

In here, I have included text colorings, shakes, audio glitches, 3d text animations, and other cool things.

The biggest addition to this preset folder is an after effects project file which includes 3d models of gems that you can place in your projects! You can scale them, rotate them, animate them, and use them for whatever you may need them for.


This project file, along with the presets were created with Adobe After Effects CC 2017, so for optimal performance it is recommended that you use this specific After Effects version. This project file and/or the presets I included may not be compatible with an earlier build of After Effects.

I hope you consider purchasing these presets, and I appreciate all of your support. Thank you :)
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