BSHS 395 Week 3 STPC Worksheet

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BSHS 395 Week 3 STPC Worksheet

Resource: Mental
Health Facilitator module: Solving Problems and Setting Goals.

 Complete the
STPC Worksheet.

Click the assignment files tab to submit the assignment.



Watch the STPC demonstration video in the Mental Health Facilitator
Module “Solving Problems and Setting Goals.” 


Answer the following questions based on what you observe in the
demonstration video.


  1. What is the situation that Scott wants to improve (S)?


  1. What has Scott already tried to help improve his situation (T)?


  1. What possibilities does Scott have to improve his situation
    moving forward (P)?


  1. Which of the possible choices listed above is Scott willing to
    try (C)?


  1. What other suggestions do you have for helping Scott?  Is there anything that you would have
    done differently?  Why?

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