Project 4 Solution

In C#, on a Windows Forms Application, the application will consist of two, related windows forms. The two forms are the “Order” form and the “Menu” form. The Order form will include a drop down list that represents the tables in the restaurant. Each table is a different color, and tables are identified by their colors. The tables in the restaurant include: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Gray.

The form should be based on the following design. Tables should be selected from a dropdown menu.

When selecting an item from the Order form, the Menu form should open. The menu form should be based on the following design

Customers should select whether they want to receive their food for “eat in”, or “to go” service through a radio button.

The menu offers three items for sale: pork chop, chicken and fish. Customers should be able to manually enter preparation instructions for the item selected.

Each item comes with a side and with a desert. Side items and deserts should be provided for selection from a dropdown list. The side items available include: Baked Potato, Side Salad, Assorted Vegetables and French Fries. The desert items available include: Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Ice Cream and Cookie.

Customers should be able to save their preferences with a check box. Once the order is entered the customer should be able to click Ok to finalize the order or cancel to cancel the order.

Once the order is collected from the Menu form, the it should be displayed in the information box on the Order form. Customer should then be able to save the order information. If the customer attempts to exit the application without saving the order they should receive a prompt message letting them know that information has not been saved.

The application must include exception handling
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