Clipart - Hand Drawn Alphabet - Set 1 - Designer Set

Clipart - Hand Drawn Alphabet - Set 1 - Designer Set

52 high quality hand drawn clip art, two drawings for each letter of the alphabet. This file includes PNG images for all letters and for more designing usage, there is also an .AI file and a .SVG file.

Words - Alligator, Airplane, Boat, Boar, Crepe, Candy, Door, Duck, Elephant, Egg, Fish, Flag, Goat, Gorilla, Helmet, Helicopter, Island, Ice Cream, Juice, Jacket, Kangaroo, Key, Ladder, Lemon, Monkey, Mail, Needle, Night, Octopus, Olive, Picnic, Pot, Quill, Question, Rat, Ribbon, Starfish, Shell, Tomato, Turtle, Unicorn, Umbrella, Vulture, Van, Waffle, Watch, Fox, Box, Yarn, Yogurt, Zipper, Zebra

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