Rock Star Professional

Rock Star Professional

unit 6 [IT402: IT Consulting Skills]

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

IT402-1: Examine consulting processes and techniques.


GEL-4.1: Describe the historical events that influence contemporary culture.


Assignment instructions and requirements


Prepare an APA-formatted paper with the following content. Your Assignment does not require

an abstract page, but does require a cover page and separate reference page.

Enron and Arthur Andersen


After doing the unit reading, conduct research on the internet to learn more about the Enron

scandal, the role that Arthur Andersen played, and the changes made in the consulting

industry as a result. Use at least two different sources for this part of the Assignment.

 Provide an appropriate paper heading. Headings should be short phrases that describe

the content. Do not copy Assignment instructions or questions; doing so does not prove

an understanding of main ideas.

 Do not quote from your sources, but identify what information came from which source

through proper APA in-text citations.

 This section should be pure research, without personal commentary.

 The length requirement for this Assignment is 250–350 words. Do not write more than

350 words; it is important that a consultant learn to be concise.


Naming your Assignment

As you save this document, name it according to the following formula (using your own name,

of course): IT402-Unit6Assignment1-LastName-FirstName (example: IT402Unit6Assignment1-Dickens-Francis).



You must complete the "Student Whiz" level before you attempt the "Rock-Star Professional"


If you start a challenge level, but it becomes too difficult to handle, please stick with the basic

project instructions as found in the rubric to calculate your grade.


Most importantly, have fun with it!

Your Challenge Levels for this week:


Student Expert


Add a page at the end of your document and title it Addendum. Write at least 100 words about what you think the differences are in the skills required to be a consultant as compared to an auditor. If you use any sources, do not quote from them, but properly acknowledge the source of your information with in-text citation and a reference entry. 

Rock Star Professional

Perform some simple research into the early history of the Arthur Andersen company and find one appropriate source. Under your Student Expert paragraph, provide a paragraph of at least 100 words that summarizes this history. Do not quote, but properly cite your source with in-text citation and a reference entry. 

In the development of an Identity as a Service (IaaS) solution there are a number of different service types available. Using your textbook and the internet, research the differences between these different types of servers and how they can be used in combination as an IaaS solution. You may focus upon Physical servers, Dedicated virtual servers, and Shared virtual servers for this discussion. Please be sure to discuss in detail the differences between these different serves (3-5 sentences each). Be sure to cite all of your sources using APA format.
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