Pat's Mullet Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Pat is a beautiful mature woman with a great sense of style. She's very cool and wants an old school mullet. After an interview session about her hair and upcoming haircut, Pat takes a seat in the vintage barber chair and has a neck strip wrapped around her neck and an orange cape draped over her. Her souvenir braid is cut off with a scissors and set aside. The Oster clippers with a #7 guard cut away at the bulk of the hair. Hair tumbles down the cape and onto the floor, piling up into a massive pile. Scissor trim around the ears, bangs, and thre rest of the hair to blend it all together. Although this haircut is mostly cut dry, a spray bottle wets a small part of the hair occasionally. Pat knows exactly how she wants her hairstyle, and she makes sure that she gets it the way she wants it. First, is the faux hawk after the mullet. Gel, a comb, and blow dryer make the hawk stand up, but it does not look as good as Pat hoped. She is re-caped, and the clippers come back to life to cut off the faux hawk. Pat poses briefly in her new look after the haircut is finished. Duration 55 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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