Hum 112 Week 10 Discussion Question 1&2.DOCX

Hum 112 Week 10 Discussion Question 1&2

Question 1: Using the attached pdf (pages 1-16), choose two of the followinglate 20th century African-American artists, and compare and contrast their art:Bearden, Lawrence, Basquiat, or Colescott. Which of these artists is yourfavorite?

Additional Sources:Chapter 35 (p. 1167) and Chapter 36 (pp. 1180-1181) on Jacob LawrenceChapter 39 (pp. 1285-1287) on Romare BeardenChapter 40 (pp. 1326-1327) on Jean-Michel BasquiatWebsite introducing RobertColescott:

Question 2: Read chapter 40 (pp. 1312-1320) for examples of post-modernarchitecture. Use the attached pdf document (pages 17+) to selecttwo of your favorite examples of the post-modern style. Or, you canFnd another example from another source. Describe yourimpressions of the postmodern architectural styles.
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