364 : Fiat Uno cranking and shaking - Starring Miss Iris

Miss Iris has a very busy day today and she's already late for her first meeting!
She opens the door of her old Fiat Uno, she sits in the car, turns the key and... Strangely the Fiat Uno makes strange tricks and refuses to start!

She starts fighting with the pedals trying to crank the old engine, but it doesn't seem to work...  After a fight the engine starts giving signs of life, but it doesn't want to stay alive... What a bitchy engine! So she struggles to keep it alive by pumping the accelerator, but this doesn't work ...

And Miss Iris feet are hurting because of her new shoes !!
Miss Iris takes them off and try to restart the car in pantyhose ... but the damned Fiat Uno is still joking at her !!

Her feet are now cold and tired because of this fight and they need to be slipped in some warm socks !!

Miss Iris fight with the Fiat Uno continues ... who is going to win?
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