Eyelash Extension Training

In this course we teach you the art of eyelash extenions. This course includes sanitation, client consultation, set up, application and removal. We also cover pricing, advertising/marketing and a training manual is included.  A test is given at the completion of this course and certificates are available. This class comes with a starter kit that includes, practice lash strips, glue, remover,  set of straight and curved tweezers, under eye patches, medical tape, disposable mascara wand, application brushes, glue rings, 2x faux mink lash sets, practice mannequin.

Annual Revenue Gain with this technique $75k- $250k

Starter Kit is mailed to you within 5-7 business days, depending on your location.
If you would like to purchase additional tools, or if you plan to travel to clients to offer this service, feel free to contact us.
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