Jazz Brunch

Jazz Brunch 

100 bpm

EP, Drums, Bass, Organ, Guitar

This is the music playing at the slightly-too-nice cafe - while you pretend to be rational while discussing who gets to keep which snakes in the divorce. I mean, the snakes don't really seem to care... they just hang out in the drawers most of the time. And you kind of really want to keep Alice, the piebald ball python... she's really photogenic, but she is kind of a jerk.

This download includes the following files:

Jazz Brunch - Bass.wav

Jazz Brunch - Drums.wav

Jazz Brunch - EP.wav

Jazz Brunch - Full Mix.wav

Jazz Brunch - Guitar.wav

Jazz Brunch - Organ.wav

Jazz Brunch (C chart).pdf

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700074
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