[CSGO] illusive's AIMWARE Configs Tool 2017 (OUTDATED)

One of the best premium AIMWARE configs out there!

Video of the configs being used : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ_kfon2OZk

I made this for the noobs who don't know how to make their own config and because I have no use of these configs anymore because I don't use AIMWARE. Do not purchase this from anyone else and do not be a leech saying you made the config yourself. The scout + deagle config can be found on the AIMWARE forums if you search it up. The legit settings without walls can also be found on the forums. Other than that, these configs were all made and tested as seen in the video. Do not blame the config if you are getting tapped, it's probably you not knowing what you're doing in certain hvh situations. If you do know what you are doing and you're using the HvH configs and still geting tapped, change your AA (Anti-aim) to something else like fake backward or fake sideways. With the scout config, fast peak using walls or objects that cannot be shot through when playing against other hackers that are raging. With the legit configs, it has aimbot/aim assist which is perfectly tweaked so it looks like you're playing legit without locking onto heads and what not. When using legit w/Walls play cautiously otherwise enemies and team mates could see you are walling if you are blatant with it. With the HvH config v1 use the players list and set other rage hackers as your priority and know your hvh one ways. With the HvH config v2 you can literally take anyone out if you are smart, including skeet.cc, jailbait.cc, lithium, R3, iwebz, any other cheat.

Disclaimer - I am not responsible for your account if it gets VAC banned or Overwatch banned. I am only providing the configs which help you be a better 'hacker'.

~ illusive
~ Shen | 神
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