High Volume Sales MP3

Want High Volume Sales This 10 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download Packed With Powerful Commands And Affirmations Designed To Bring You High Volume Sales. Listen Everyday For Three Months Or More. Ocean Waves With Gentle Music

Subliminal Commands

Today I Will Win

I Have Faith Courage And Enthusiasm

I Have Clearly Defined Goals

I Will Pursue Them Today With

Enthusiasm Determination And Discipline

I Am Unphased By The Word No

Let The Selling Begin

I Am In Tune With My Customers Needs

I Have The Perfect Casual Yet

Persuasive Sales Attitude

My Customers Are Important To Me

I Am Just Naturally Good At Sales

I Naturally Effortlessly And Easily

Meet Or Exceed Sales Quotas

Everyday My Sales Continually Increase

I Find Unique Ways To Market To New Clients

I Am A Sales Generating Machine

Today I Will Meet The Right People

In The Right Place At The Right Time

For The Betterment Of All

My Financial Abundance Overflows Today

Doors Of Opportunity And Abundance Open To Me Now

I Ask For It Visualize It Claim It Expect It And Receive It

I Am A Person Of Action

I Am Ready For Sales Success Now

I Have A Great Attitude

I Have A Friendly Positive And Prosperous

Attitude Towards Everyone

In My Selling World Everyone Wins

A Great Sales Person Lives Within Me

I Am A Important Person

I Am A Winner

I Look Like A Winner

I Sell Like A Winner

I Succeed Like A Winner

I Speak And Act With Confidence

I Instill Determination And Dedication

I Believe In The Products I Sell

I Naturally Flow With

Radiant Good Health Happiness Vitality And Balance

All Is Well In My World

I Am Humble And Grateful

For All That Is Now And Will Be

I Feel Good About Life

I Naturally Produce An Abundance Of Energy
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