The Kids Guide To Cockapoos

The Kids Guide To Cockapoos

About The Kids Guide To Cockapoos

This book is a short practical guide written for kids to help them decide if they are ready to welcome a Cockapoo puppy or rescue dog into their family. Due to their popularity many adolescent Cockapoos have been turning up in rescue shelters, And one of the key considerations before buying a puppy is children. 

If you’re considering the awesome step of owning a Cockapoo be sure a Cockapoo is right for you and family.


What is a Cockapoo. 4

Different Sizes and Colours. 4

The right size for you. 5

Coats. 6

Grooming. 6

Shedding. 7

Are You Ready For A Dog. 7

Health Care. 7

Food. 8

Training. 9

Exercise. 10

Buying A Cockapoo Puppy. 12

Puppy Socialisation. 13

Where To Get A Rescue A Cockapoo. 14

As Your Cockapoo Gets Older. 14

My New Cockapoo Checklist. 15

Summary. 15

Kids List of Do’s & Don’ts. 16

Further Reading. 17
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