363 : Miss Amy killing the battery of the Fiat Regata

You are in a relationship and Miss Amy and you recently bought a vintage Fiat Regata which is a dream car for you as it was the first one you drove when you got your license to drive !!

You have been spending days making several reparations on this car and you overlooked your beautiful girlfriend !!Amy is quite annoyed by the fact that you have dedicated all that time to this car which is a real piece of junk ... and she wants to give you the proof !! She asks you to drive the car, she pumps a lot on the gas pedal with heir lovely cream heels but the old engine of the Fiat Regata is not working ....  and she spends all the time complaining with you that your car is pure junk !!

Then she leaves you the driver seat and she enjoys her new pair of shoes while you are trying to get the car started ... and the battery is running flat !!
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