Week 5 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Case Study - SIPOC.XLSX

Week 5 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – Case Study - SIPOC

Student Instructions:

  1. Complete the SIPOC diagram for the case study process. There is an Excel sheet provided that you should use for your SIPOC. (See attached Excel File).

  2. Please note that there are two worksheets tabs within the SIPOC Excel sheet. Many of the cells are already filled out for you. Start with the worksheet tab labeled SIPOC and complete the empty cells. The information you type in will auto-fill into those same cells in the worksheet labeled Expanded SIPOC. When you finish with the empty cells in the first worksheet, go to the Expanded SIPOC and complete any remaining empty cells. When you save your file, give it a unique file name that includes your last name. I’m my case will be named as : CS_SIPOC Diagram.

Note:A SIPOC is typically done with a team of experts who know the process details inside and out.We clearly are not going to attempt to recreate that scenario as you complete this case study assignment). You should also utilize all existing process documentation. In this case, you have a value stream map to reference while completing your case study SIPOC.

Note: In case is needed I included on the attachments the Value Stream Map the Overview of the Whole Case Assignment. Refer to Attachment.

We, of course, don’t expect you to be experts in this case study process. The goal is for you to become very comfortable with the details and potential areas of difficulty involved in completing a SIPOC in preparation for your future projects. So, don’t stress out or get hung up in the details of this particular case study process. Take a step back and look at the big picture of how this tool is used. If you plan to go on through the course series to the LSS Black Belt level, you will see a SIPOC diagram again.

Be Aware that The SIPOC template is a two-tab worksheet in Excel format that is provided in the Learning Module for Week 5 and also in the Case Study Materials folder in the Course Content area. Complete the empty cells in the Excel sheet template in the first tab. The words you type in the cells in the first worksheet will automatically populate into those same cells in the "Expanded" Worksheet tab. Continue on with completing the cells in the Expanded sheet. If your instructor finds that you need to do further work, he or she will send the SIPOC back to you up to one time within the Assignment drop box so that you can make revisions and resubmit the file. If you don't turn your assignment in till the very last minute, your instructor will still provide feedback, but you will not have opportunity to improve your score by resubmitting.

Note: I included Chapter 25, pg. 22 on the Homework Attachment

Remember: We covered the SIPOC Diagram in Week 3 of the LSS Green Belt materials. Reference: Chapter 25; pg. 22 for a review of the SIPOC diagram tool and how it works.

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