Nion Bot for

Nion Bot for

The bot is the new revision of Yongkibot as having with extra features to work on referring different switching with the qualification of picks option to put with the table.

The function arrives from the use as distinguished the odds and even of numbers with the current second as bot to calls with the picker() function.

As odds to refer to Roll Lo option and the even to refer with the Roll Hi option with the bet to put with the table as dealing.

The initials of customs as running of above strategics might be of one as the extract on function with the Rendomove() as referring the lenght on times in seconds as bot to performs of random moves function to point of the different position with the mouse pointer as most of the maximum limit of value as sets by user of Nion bot.

Please work with 1366 x 786 pixel monitor and to use button Alt + x to exit from program.
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