STEP 1: Review the Design

Download the program description and puesdocode design, and make sure you fully understand the program design and ask any questions that you may have BEFORE you start programming.

Click Week 1 Lab Design to download program design.

STEP 2: Construct the Program

Start Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new project titled "CIS247C_WK1_Lab_LASTNAME".

Using the design, construct the methods.

Once the methods are constructed, use the design to create the main program.

STEP 3: Compile and Test

When done, ensure that there are no compile errors. If there are errors, open up the Error list and fix all listed errors.

Execute your code and check your output to ensure that you have the desired output. If you need to fix anything, close your execution window, modify your code as necessary, and rebuild.

STEP 4: Screen Prints

Capture the results of each test and paste them into a Word document. Below is a sample program output.
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