Giselle's Haircut and Haircolor - VOD Digital Video on Demad

The last time that we saw Giselle, she received a spiral perm at Carmen's Salon. Now she's back for a haircut. The video starts off with her hair being blow dried, Giselle talking about her coming haircut and future hair maintenance, and she poses and plays with her hair. Around the sixteen minute mark, Giselle is now posing in the barber chair before her major transformation. Three minutes later, Giselle has changed into a different outfit and re-takes her seat in the barber chair. Her hair is clipped up, a neck strip wrapped around her neck, and a cloth cape draped over her. This cape can be found at For her first haircut, she receives a dry cut with the pink-colored electric clippers. Giselle is nervous, but eventually smiles for the camera. Once the haircut is done, Giselle runs her hands through it, admires it, and then asks for her hair to be cut shorter. Her hair is again sectioned and clipped up, a neck strip tied around her neck, and a yellow nylon cape covering her. A lot more smiles this time around. This time the dry cut is done with scissors and is done at chin length. Listen to that scissors! The hair pile on the floor is really building up! Once the hair is cut to chin length, the clippers are flicked back on for a quick rush through to make sure that everything is even. Now the cape is removed, with the hair on it tossed onto the floor. Giselle's hair is brushed, and she plays with it, before asking for her hair to be cut yet again. "I'm really nervous about this one, but let's see how it turns out." Neck strip, this time a pink vinyl sheer cape for the shampooing and rinse. A shampoo tray is attached to the barber chair for Giselle's shampoo. After her hair has been briefly towel dried, a light blue nylon cape is drapped upon her, and tied in back. Her hair is now combed through and cut with a scissors and razor. Giselle's eyes widen at the sound of the scissors next to her ears. Once the short haircut is finished, her hair is blow dried. The cape is replaced with a sheer white vinyl cape, and a dark brunette hair color brushed onto Giselle's hair. After the hair coloring processes for a moment, the video dissolves to the stylist, James William, putting a plastic cap on her head to speed up the processing times. The shampoo tray is again inserted into the barber chair, the cape changed for a gold-colored shampoo cape. Only five minutes of hair color processing with the cap is shown. Her hair is rinsed, shampooed, toweled dry, and blow dried. Hair gel is smoothed into her hair, and her hair slicked back using a comb. Kat applies makeup to Giselle's face, and closeups show off Giselle's beautiful transformation. Duration: approx. 126 minutes, 720 x 480 screen size, format .wmv
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