Powerful Visualization Better Life MP3

Powerful Visualization Better Life MP3

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Visualization is a technique used by winners in all walks of life. If you really want something to come to fruition, then you have to put your imaginative mind to work. See the result in front of you, play the game you are going to play in your mind you are that person on the movie screen of life.

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► Positive subliminal messages to develop powerful visualization
below normal range of hearing.

I see the perfect divine design

I create the perfect divine design

I master visualization with ease

By the images i hold i see now as potential realities

I build strategies to execute these images in a relaxed state

I visualize in clear contrast

I connect to pure unadulterated creative energy

I allow it to flow in beingness

I am in tune to the universe

I see myself living my ideal life

I am now living my ideal life made manifest

I see it in my mind i hold it in my hand

I joyfully create my ideal life

My perfect life has clarity

I visualize my abundant future

Happy healthy and prosperous

The life i deserve

I manifest the perfect achievement

I actually did it

Staying positive ensures me the perfect outcome

I reset each day with powerful peaceful energy

I easily and naturally adjust according to my vision

I easily and naturally adjust to my best and highest good

I succeed empowered by the visions i hold

I seek opportunities

I go beyond logic

I am inspired i am motivated

I accomplish more

I take a run at it

I am capable of doing

Everywhere i look there is abundance

I open myself to receive the good in all aspects of my life

It's happening right now in my mind

This is fact

This is real it is mine

My imagination is limitless

I take action to materialize results

My whole body relaxes in a pleasant state

My body becomes lighter and brighter

I live abundance every minute of my life

And for this experience I am graciously thankful

I attune myself i define the purpose of living

I go where i've never gone before

I can do that

I develop conscious awareness

I accept the intuitive unseen

I reset each day with good positive energy

I achieve perfect balance

I am aligned with my best and highest good

It flows to me and through me

Greater good in everything i do

Greater good with the people i meet

I give selfless service

I have awesome power

I create my own environment

I change my perception i shift in how i look at every thing

I stay positive as new changes manifest

I speed up and calm down

I focus my mind to the attainment of my goals

Perfect now perfect future i see it in every detail

I am in the flow to receive i allow it to happen

I manifest the perfect outcome

Calm and confident

Listening Instructions: 2-3x day or night for 3 months.

🎧 Headphones Optional.
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