UE4 - Multiplayer Shooter Template v2

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Unreal Engine forum thread - https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/marketplace/1390746-multiplayer-shooter-template-v2-dedicated-servers-manager-5-game-modes-dm-tdm-classic-br-mbr

Discord Support channel: https://discord.gg/ZgdQvrw
Support email: [email protected], [email protected] (better use this)

UE4 Servers Manager Overview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZDIaqkFVo8

This game template includes everything you need to create your own working multiplayer shooter game prototype as quickly as possible.

  • 5 game modes - DM, TDM, Classic, Battle Royale and quite interesting mode - Micro Battle Royale

  • All standard multiplayer shooter games' mechanics like lobby, weapons, class system (Assault, Medic, Sniper), scoreboard and many others.

  •  All game modes are independent from each other. It allows you to create completely different game modes in one project.

And thanks to the UE4 Servers Manager application + Web API you can easily manage the game dedicated servers.

Creating this project I was focused on flexible architecture so you can create new game modes very fast and easy. The template is easy to extend and easy to learn.

Also, you will get my previous project for free - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSfcL6hWL2M 


  • UE4 Server Manager application written in C#  - it's very simple and convenient way to launch your dedicated server.  You can launch any ue4_dedicated_server.exe

  • Highly customizable and flexible architecture

  • 99% in Blueprint. Just one function written in C++

  • Full support for multiplayer

  • Player class system. Three classes: Assault, Medic and Sniper

  • Weapon system – Pick up, Equip, Holster, Drop

  • Respawn system 

  • Configurable weapons (damage, effects, sound, kills log icon, etc)

  • Configurable game mode options: round time, friendly fire, allowed classes, etc. 

  • Observer mode. After death, player can spectate other players

  • Easy way to get dedicated servers list and connect to the dedicated server


  • DeathMatch

  • Team DeathMatch 

  • Classic mode 

  • Battle Royale mode

  • Micro Battle Royale - It's like battle Royale but you don't have to leave game after first death. Small map, 10 rounds, last alive player wins round. Player with more won rounds wins the game


  • In Game Menu

  • Player’s HUD

  • Observer HUD

  • Kills log with headshot indicator and weapon icons

  • Scoreboard – Teams score, kills, deaths, ping, etc. Players are sorted by score

  • Round Finish Screen – shows winner player or winner team.


  • Player class selection

  • Changing teams

  • Lobby Chat

  • Lobby Timer


  • Number of Blueprints: 48

  • Widget blueprints: 22

  • Maps: 8

  • Engine Compatibility: 4.18+

  • Supported Platforms – Windows

  • Important/Additional Notes: This is a Blueprint project. It’s recommended to use this as a base for your project.

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