Coffee Cups Percussion

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We love coffee almost as much as we love vintage gear.
Once upon a time, Sanches was listening to some of his recorded ideas for a new psychedelic rock project while having a cup of coffee and started drumming almost automatically while the song kept going. The idea for the Coffee Time Series came from this moment. He thought:
- Hey, I have a lot of cups around the house! I could make an awesome percussion instrument with it!
So he got five of these cups in different sizes, weights, and materials and recorded a track for his new song (which still unreleased). After doing that, thought it would be useful to make a Kontakt instrument out of these five cups, and so he made it. He got his little spoon and experimented with it by hitting the cups in different positions and different areas.

Coffee Cups Percussion consists of:
92 Samples (six different combinations of spoon position and cup area on each of the five cups and three velocity layers on each combination plus two effects)
1 Kontakt instrument
15.5 MB
44.1kHz/16 bit .wav format
All recorded on an old cassette tape recorder
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