HRM 324 Week 5 Webinar Review


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Week 5 Webinar ReviewVisit the following website and scroll down to "Webinar
Archives." are numerous webinars listed, but
you can only choose one from the following
webinars.  The webinars are approximately 1 hour in
length.  If you complete this assignment based on a webinar that's not
listed below you will get zero points on this assignment.

  • How to Build Pay Ranges and Set Salary Grades

  • Compensation Budgeting Webinar Series (if you click
    on this link there will be 3 webinars available.  You can listen to
    one of the first two - Part I or Part II)

  • 4 Steps to Building a Smart Compensation Structure

  • Strengthen the Link Between Pay and Performance

The webinars will require that you
"register" to view them.  Please use "Student" as your
job title and University of Phoenix Online along with its address of 3157 E.
Elwood St.,Phoenix, AZ 85034 as your employer.  This will likely ensure
that no one from PayScale will contact you to sell you their services :). Once you've registered for your chosen
webinar you need to click on the arrow that looks like a play button on a
recorder; this will start a narrated Power Point Presentation.  Therefore
you will need to be on a device with speakers. You need to provide an overview of what
was presented in the webinar.  Do not copy the overview that is provided
on the website; use your own words.  Discuss how the information presented
in the webinar confirmed, conflicted with and/or expanded on information
presented in class discussion and/or the text.  The aforementioned needs
to be presented in a minimum of 400 words. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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