Managerial Accounting: Continuing Problem P18-34 Haupt Consulting provides consulting service

Managerial Accounting
Continuing Problem P18-34
This problem continues the Haupt Consulting, Inc., situation from Problem 17-36 of Chapter 17.
Haupt Consulting provides consulting service at an average price of $100 per hour and incurs variable costs of $40 per hour. Assume average fixed costs are $4,000 a month.Requirements:
1. What is the number of hours that must be billed to reach break even?
2. If Haupt desires to make a profit of $5,000, how many lawns must be serviced?
3. Haupt thinks it can reduce fixed costs to $3,000 per month, but variable cost will increase to $42 per hour. What is the new break even in hours?
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