SOC313-Week 13 Discussion

The movement that has caught my interest the most is the movement to pass SB 1070. The reason I choose this topic is out of the three choices, it has had the most impact on my community and also has received my attention the most. I feel this topic is the most controversial of the three and I really look forward to doing some deep research in order to solidify my opinion with facts. The final reason I am doing this topic is to be better educated on what our senators are doing for our state. I think the most difficult part of writing this paper will be forming an unbiased opinion based on the facts. I already have some opinions on this bill but am still confused on some of its proponents. I think it will be hard at times to separate what the bill actually states and my predispositions of it. Overall I’m really looking forward to writing about a movement I’ve already heard of and been curious about
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