247 : Miss Black Mamba reversing reversing

Miss Black Mamba is driving around the countryside with her Renault 5. She is wearing a black coat, black tights and black heels.

After driving in a very narrow countryside road, she starts thinking she might be lost and she wants to go back, but she has to find a spot wide enough to turn around! She can’t get out of the road, cause the fields around are all muddy, and she doesn’t want to get stuck at all!

After driving for miles in this road, hoping for a wide spot, she understands that this road brings nowhere, so the only thing she can do is do all the road in reverse! The road is long, and her feet have to be very precise with the gas and clutch, she can’t stall the engine here…

While she is doing all those miles backwards with the Renault, she starts liking going in reverse, and at the end of the road she wants to go more in reverse! In this video you will have a close up view of her feet pressing on the gas pedal gently, while you can see Miss Black Mamba face and body enjoying all the driving!

What idea she will come up with?
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