Miami Viceroy

Miami Viceroy

124 bpm

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths

Musical wallpaper! You might think that's a bad thing, but it quite useful for playing under interviews, or during countdowns, or in really hip cafes where you can get an Americano (coffee) or an Americano (Campari+vermouth cocktail). Life Pro Tip: ALWAYS refrigerate your vermouth! It is a wine product and will go bad if open at room temperature. So, to all of you who "hate vermouth", no - you hate ruined vermouth. Just like anyone who has only had room temperature red wine that's been opened for 3 weeks would hate wine.

This download includes the following tracks:

Miami Viceroy - Bass.wav

Miami Viceroy - Drums.wav

Miami Viceroy - Guitar.wav

Miami Viceroy - Melody.wav

Miami Viceroy - Robot.wav

Miami Viceroy.wav

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700019
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