PDF file that you can download to any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that can display PDF files. Vol.1 contains the first 10 issues of the times magzine when it was published by ken allen it is over 337 pages. These are exact replicas of the original 10 issues scanned and reproduced in one single book! A great great read with lots of stories and pictures The entire following plus more are in this book: The story of Laird’s Grand Champion Jap Kenny Gaines selling out with such greats as 410 and Timex Hughey: Get rid of “pit” out of pit. Show news including the 1988 Oklahoma Nationals Bobby “The Man In Black” Smith (RIP) and his article – On The Line WHY ME? – Featured editorial by Indian Sonny Lots of cool old pictures Pit Bulls as Pets – yes or no? By Famous author Fredric Maffie Nice picture of Gr Ch Shady Lady Obits for Don Maloney, Billy Stevens and Roland Fontenot Rocco named editor in second issue Lots of editorial Cool picture and comments on Edgar Eddington Danny Burton tells about Taiwan his visit there and the dog world in Asia Bobby Smith on the legend Bullyson Show News Indian Sonny writes “ COLBY DOGS “ Mail Bag Cool 1925 show news For beginners Ramblin with red Tribute to Chicago Nate The Legend Lives on Tribute Andre Giroux written by Tattoo Tribute to Walter Komosinski by Ozzie Stevens Tribute to Jack Beveal by Bobby Smith Rocca writes his first editorial in the Pit Bull Terrier Times Case In Point by Fredric Maffei Any anti dog legislation violates owner’s rights Champion Who by Frank Rocco Show News including both of Stonewall’s show news. Also Lanier’s Grand Champion Bronson. Letters, lots of pictures and more. Salutes to STP, Red B and Bob Pitts My Way is the only way – by Tennessee Slim Shock by a concerned fancier A Classic Match – Grand Champion Buck Vs Grand Champion Sandman Wild Boar Hunting by Bob Stevens Testing Young Dogs by Alabama Red A Night In Cajun Country Cool Picture of two Grand Champions being bred to each other Show news including Champion Tuffy, Grand Champion Rambo and much more Times Tribute to Russell Jolley – The man who put Maurice Carver in the dog business. Jesse Rods Midnight at stud Nice pictures especially one with Peterson, Ken Allen, Russell Jolley and Bobby Smith. Lots of pictures in this book. Tribute to High Roller Victory for Europe Poem – North and South by Nick the Greek Ed Weaver photo with Champion Leona Grand Champion Hope photo Red B’s Champion Charlie at Stud Letters to The Times from all over the world including the Yankee and Carl Clark Story and picture of Morfin’s Champion Capa Full-page ad from Norrod with pups by Champion Bear Times interviews Keystone Kennels of Europe The Smith Brothers Bobby Lee and James Daniel On Conditioning by Gary Hammonds Tater and Faith by Pat Patrick Interview with Bobby Hall lots of great pictures only printed in this book Food for thought by David P Great pictures Weldon Stockton and Bennett Clayton and a full page of Grand Champion Zink Lots more letters to the editor with many pictures and stories The news of the Times Annual Jackpot Pull – very fun reading of money pull Interview with Floyd Boudreaux Tater & Faith part 2 by Pat Patrick Odie of The North Photos from a Louisiana throw down bbq and dog show The Test for Gameness How Why and to What Effect Interview with Gary Hammonds Lots of pictures including Gold Eye and Champion Spike, Red’s Champion Taz, Marie and Eddie and Grand Champion John Boy, Ozzie’s Bubbles and Ozzie’s Champion Bonnie. Bryan’s Gr Ch Snake by Ozzie Stevens Fritz with Champion Spike in Holland Interview with Danny Burton A Tribute to the Wives Blair Hetrick : Tribute to an old time Dogman – lots of great pictures of Hetrick’s yard. Who Stole Grand Champion Art? By Ozzie Stevens Dogman winning at 88. Who is it? The Story of Mim’s Dinah Untrue pedigrees by Samart In Retrospect by Bullplug Old Bo by Yankee Greg Conditioning by Don Carter Interview with Fredric Maffei Yesterday and Today By Nick The Greek Letters to the Editor Interview with Sonny Sykes Who was Grand Champion Angus by Ozzie Stevens Interview with Dave Adams Dogfighting- The Moral Question Pat Patrick Interview On Conditioning – Feeding By Don Carter Reader’s write with a big time guy wading into a pen war. Dog thieves Conditioning Counts Interview with Ricky Rebel Kennels Jones A method for breeding your ideal gamedog A tribute to John Boy Who was Champion Smoker? The Times Salutes Grand Champion Queen of Hearts Where is Grand Champion Virgil? More news on who stole Art from Ron Castillo When I inherited all Big Brad’s dogs Daly’s Champion Bama story Lots of great letters and stories He Game Dog Legacy by Bob Bryan Shades of Henry Berg Interview with CAK Cold weather tips for your dogs Mysticism by Don Mayfield
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