Trish's Salon Trim at Hair Salon

Trish has hair that is nearly mid-back, but she would like it a bit shorter. So she heads off to her favorite beauty salon. Sitting in the chair, the young female stylist with calf-long hair, covers Trish with a black cape and wraps a neck strip around her neck. The stylist decides that Trish only needs a few inches cut off so Trish can continue to grow long healthy hair. The stylist who is armed with a comb, scissors, spray water bottle, and a straight-edge razor with a guard, gives Trish her trim...and bangs. Once Trish's trim is done, the stylist reclines Trish's chair all the way back until Trish is laying down. Using a blow dryer with a finger diffuser attachment, Hilda gives Trish's now more-than-shoulder-length hair spiral curls. Once the cape and necks trip are removed, Trish has fun with her fallen hair, sprinkling it over her freshly pedicured feet and cute leopard-print heeled sandals. Duration: 34 minutes, screen size: 720 x 48, format: .wmv
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