BUS 212 Week 1 Business Strategy

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 BUS 212 Week 1 Business Strategy

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose for this assignment is to describe how business strategy accounts for all the dimensions of the business and how the strategy addresses the five elements in the business environment.

Assignment Steps 

Address each of the following using minimum 75-word responses for each response:








Discuss the main dimensions of a business (consider fundamental aspects of business such as profit, risk, value creation, knowledge/human capital, and competition).


Describe the five elements in the business environment discussed in your text.


Describe key generic strategies of business. [Consider some basic strategies for making a business competitive such as differentiation (ex: branding/marketing), cost/pricing, and focus/niche market (succeeding at cost and differentiation in this particular market).]




Cite at least one source in an APA formatted Reference page. 

Include APA formatted title and Reference page only (the assignment does not need to be written as a paper).

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