Codependency & Boundary Building Workbook

This workshop was designed to help you gain further insight into what it means to be codependent and it offers you tools to help you learn how to begin creating healthy boundaries.

Years ago the term codependency was narrowly understood.  Spouses of alcoholics and addicts were labeled, ‘codependent’, because of the similarities in the way they related to themselves and others.  It was once thought that being married to an addict caused one to be codependent.  Overtime professionals have learned to broaden their understanding of codependency and have discovered much greater truths about this topic.

Codependency is rooted in childhood. Those of us who were unable to secure healthy bonds with our caretakers, who were conditioned to be seen and not heard, have grown up feeling invisible. As a result, we may default to people-pleasing behavior as a way to feel 'seen and heard'.  

Codependency can be cured but not without knowledge and skills to help break the faulty patterns that have been embedded into the subconscious mind.

Use this workbook to help you stay on track as you learn to begin taking care of the self. 

This workshop has transformed the lives of countless people who successfully identified their relationship and personal troubles as being rooted in codependent belief systems.  It has also enabled them to follow along with simple strategies that truly help them transform their minds.  Without understanding the need for boundaries and how to assert them in everyday life situations, codependency cannot be healed.  However, when a codependent begins to take responsibility for their thoughts, their vibrations and their actions that is the transformational moment they begin to understand the power of their own mind!

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