Directions: Provide the correct citation to the following fictional cases.

1) Rogers v. Stokley may apply to a case your attorney is working on. It is located in volume 97 of South Carolina Reports on page 182, and on page 215 of volume 121 of the second series of South Eastern Reporter. The case was decided in 2000.

2) The US Supreme Court ruled on Watts v. Miller in 2005. The opinion can be located in volume 396 of United States Reports, page 52; on page 231 of volume 424 of West’s Supreme Court Reporter; and in volume 16, page 497 of Lawyer’s Edition 2d.

3) The Virginia Court of Appeals upheld the conviction in Powell versus the Commonwealth of Virginia in June of 2009. The opinion is published in volume 16 of the second series of South Eastern Reporter on page 86.

4) You have located United States v. Simpson from the 3rd circuit in the spring of 1996 on page 246 of the Federal Reporter, volume 90, third series.

5) In 2004, Leonard Smeek filed an appeal on his conviction for robbery in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The opinion can be located in South Western Reporter, third series, volume 29, page 197.

6) The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the case of Esther Blanken versus Tilly Baker in 1999. The opinion can be located on page 121 of volume 500.

7) Barry Bannock lost his claim against Cindy Weeks and appealed to the California Supreme Court in 1987. The opinion is set forth in volume 90, second series of the regional reporter series on page 145, and in the third series of the official reporter, volume 20, page 262.

8) The federal district court in your jurisdiction heard the case of Warbler against McLeod in October of 2007. The opinion can be found on page 12, volume 388 of the 2nd series.

9) The First District Court of Appeals in Florida heard the case of Campbell against Pauley in 2008. You have located the opinion in the 34th volume of the regional reporter on page 576.

10) The United States District Court for the District of Alaska heard Mary Maple’s case against John V. Moret and the opinion can be located on page 791 of volume 16 in the second series. The case was tried in 2002.
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