Booty Sniper Extreme Remote Seduction Technique

Booty Sniper Extreme Remote Seduction  Techniques 

By Moonshadow 
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(Powerful Mind technology inside)   Booty Sniper Extreme is here.

Booty Sniper Extreme is the most powerful set of seduction tools ever created.  I developed these tools to quickly and effectively get females hot wet and horny.  After I created the Quantum Grid energy image I wanted to use this new level power in some naughty ways. Booty Sniper Extreme  is a simple quick way to get girls in the mood.   

Booty Sniper Extreme tool set is  the strongest seduction tools out to date. Remote seduction, dream seduction and just intimate seduction.   Booty Sniper Extreme  works fast  on almost any target. I have a quest to put power tools in the hands of those who have the desire to use them. The healing work and manifestations that have been achieved with these images throughout the years have been quite amazing!   

Audio Files  Video Files  Ebooks  

Apex Alpha Male Audio Sigil - simply listen and cast the spell or add to your Rad hardware setup  

Alpha Male Video Hypnotic Programing watch once in the morning and once at night  

Alpha Male Audio Sigil - simply listen and cast the spell or add to your Rad hardware setup  

Love spells
Lust Power 2016 Talisman-The Power to Seduce  

Powerful sigil to bring back lost love- Spell Caster  

Boyfriend Destroyer-use this technique to take her away from any man  

Paper Radionics booty sniper seduction pyramid. This 3-D pyramid is a powerful radionic device that you can program for Remote seduction techniques.
Simply pulled the pyramid and place your intent inside of it. For a added boost place your headphones inside the pyramid and Play the included audio sigils for even faster manifestation.  

Bonus:   Quantum Love 8000 Movie   Quantum Love 8000 Power Digital Talisman  

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