EXTREME#002 "Ordinary Woman Does Self Haircut and Gets Pixiecut"

Ordinary Woman is ready for new hairstyle...
She came to our studio
She told us that she was bored with her hair and need new hairstyle
She wanted to try something that she never did before was cutting her own hair
Her hair it's about mid back length
She sat in the chair
She combed her mid back length hair and tied up into two ponytails
She took scissors and cut a ponytail
She wants to cry but she just continue to cut other ponytail
Because the result wasn't good, so hairstylist fix her hair into bobcut
After she got bobcut,
She wanted to try a pixiecut.. She asked hairstylist to keep hair on the front side before full pixiecut
Hairstylist took scissors and gave the haircut as she requested

This video produced by Nahru Production

Video length: 72 min
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