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Place (Distribution Strategy) and Promotion

Section 4


Place (Distribution Strategy) and Promotion
















Waters Bottling Company


WBC Distribution Channels

A distribution process is a physical flow of goods from one place to another by use of distribution channels. Distribution channels are chains of market intermediaries or middlemen that are used by WBC to distribute its pure mountain water products to the final consumers. These channels are used by the market planners of the WBC Company to ensure that the products they produce and services they offer are made available to the company consumers. The intermediaries include wholesalers, agents and retailers.

Length & Width

The length and the width of distribution channels in WBC are varied. The length determines the number of entities comprising the distribution channel of the company between the producer and the consumer. The width determines the number of distribution channels available for the company. The independent entities and different entities to be include in the length and width of the company is discussed below;

Producer - Consumer

     This is also referred as direct marketing where
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