Minecraft Logo Creator

Logo – Minecraft Creator. Perfect for Minecraft logos, titles or channels. Fully editable using only one simple text edit in Photoshop.

Do I Need Special Software To Edit This?

You need Adobe Photoshop CC to edit this logo, it’s very well organized and easy to navigate. Documentation included in your help file will walk you through the simple and easy 2 step process to creating your own custom Minecraft logo or text.

What Is Included In The Download?

My-Text (.psb)
My-Logo (.psb)
Help-File (.txt)

Is It Easy To Edit The Files?

Even if you’re a beginner in Photoshop you’ll be just fine. Follow the simple step by step instructions included in the help file and complete your edit in only 3 steps. Couldn’t be easier.

Are The Font Or Images Included?

The font is not included but is free, a download link can be found in your help-file.

If I Need Help Can I Contact You?I like to offer reasonable support to all my customers. You can find more information and support @ http://www.empiregames.ca
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